Sand & Castle

My Role

Creative Producer/ Co-founder

The covid pandemic grinded everything to a hold. So me and Leroy Niemel, Roshan Tewarie and agency Sand & Castle came together and started FINAL_DEF_V3. A podcast about creation, inspiration and business. 

Selected Works


TLC Make UpDirecting

NZO - GroeimeeDirecting

Transavia - Gek op ReizenCreative Consultant

HKU - New MediaCreative Consultant

GrolschCreative Consulting

TV AcademieCreative Consultant

De VluchtCreative Producer

OfflineCreative Producer

Kom maar binnen bij BobbiCreative Producer

Tennis TalkCreative Producer

Linda Eet MeeCreative Producer

Gemeente RotterdamCreative Producer

FINAL_DEF_V3Creative Producer