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(Creative) Director

How do you teach highschool students to react when they notice bulling on their classmates social media? These three interactieve scenes are part of an educational program helping student become more pro-social. Made for Mediawijsheid & NWA. Visit the project and try the interactieve scenes at act-or-react.nl

Selected Works


TLC Make UpDirecting

NZO - GroeimeeDirecting

Transavia - Gek op ReizenCreative Consultant

HKU - New MediaCreative Consultant

GrolschCreative Consulting

TV AcademieCreative Consultant

De VluchtCreative Producer

OfflineCreative Producer

Kom maar binnen bij BobbiCreative Producer

Tennis TalkCreative Producer

Linda Eet MeeCreative Producer

Gemeente RotterdamCreative Producer

FINAL_DEF_V3Creative Producer